1970:  First Machnery Industry Department Changzheng Electrical First Factroy was put into            service in 1970.
1970:  First party committee and labor union of Chiangzheng Electrical was founded in 1970.
1974:  Began to research and manufacture on load tap changer in 1974.
1975:  First unit of 10kV on load tap changer of Changzheng Electrical has been successfully            trial-produced in 1975.
1976:  10kV on load tap changer was tested the mechanical service life, electrical, short circuit            and etc. 10 item in Xi'an, and they were tested successfully for one time.
1977:  35kV on load tap changer has been succeddfully trial-prodiced in 1977.
1978:  First unit of 110kV on load tap changer and motor drice mechanism that manufactrued            in China was born in Changzheng in 1978.
1980:  110kV on load tap changer passed the ministerial level identification and began to batch            produce in 1980.
1982:  Provided 3 unit of type M on load tap chager for the 0# main transformer of Wu Jiang            Power Plant in 1982, Wu Jiang Power Plant is the first large water power plant Which            built in Karst area by our contry, it was the first million Kilowatt class hydraulic power            plant in Guizhou Province.

1983:  Provided 4 units of type M on load tap changer for 1# main transformer of Liaoyang            Power Bureau Liaoyang Substation in 1983, it was the first 500kV transmission line(Liao            Jin line)which completely manufcacuted by our own country.
1984:  Introduced the whole set of manufacturing technology for on load tap changer from            Germany in 1984, then began to the localization of improted technology since that time.
1987:  2 prototype that manufactured through the introcuced technology were sent to MR for the            type test in 1987, the performance index met to IEC60214GB10230 and MR's            technological stipulations, and obtained the manufacturing permit from MR.
1989:  Changzheng ELectrical First Factory was promoted into the National Second Class            Enterprise in 1989.
1991:  Intriduced SGI graphics workstation form Americal and UGII software from EDS company            in 1991, the computer workstation was founded and used UGII to design.
1996:  Jiang Zemin was Chirman of China visited Changzheng in 1996.
1997:  Changzheng Electrical First Factory was incorporated into Changzheng ELcetrcial Inc. after            system change because of its excellent quality and achievements in 1997.
1997:  Changzheng Electrical Inc. was publice in SHanghai Stock Exchange in that year            Changzheng Electrical First Factory founded the quality assurance system and pass the            ISO9001 quality system certification in 1997.

1997:  Type M and V on load tap changer macufactured by Changzheng First Factroy won the            national tap award which tested by National Transformer Prodcuts Inspection Certer in            1997.
1999:  Changzheng First Factory was named "National 863 Plan CIMS Application Demonstration            Enterprise" by China scintific and technological department in 1999.
2003:  Guangxi Yin He Group recombined Guizhou Changzheng Inc. in 2003, Changzheng            Electrical First Factroy was renamed as Guizhou Changzheng ELectrical Co., Ltd High            Voltage Business Department.
2004:  2004, on load tap changer obtained first patent of State Intellectual Property Office: the            limit position protection of motor dirve machanism and step by step control device.
2004:  KCA cacuum on load tap changer and DCJ40 motor drive mechanism passed the            Guizhou Province New Prodcut Identification and was put into market.
2005:  MAE intelligent motor drive mechanism passed the procuct type test, also passed the            Guizhou Province Scientific and Technological Achievements indentification and was put            into the market at that year.
2005:  Changzheng researched and manufactured ZMD on laod tap changer which has the            propietary intellectual property rights.
2007:  MAE intelligent motor mechanism won the third prize of Guizhou Province Excellent and            New Product award in 2007.

2007:  Changzheng researched and manufactured ZMB, ZMT, ZVK on load tap changer which            has the proprietary intellectual property rights in 2007.
2008:  Guizhou Changzheng Elecitrical Co., Ltd High Voltage Busiiness Department was reformed            into Guizhou Changzheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. according to the stipilations of            (Company Law)
2008:  2008, ZMGIII-1000A large current on load tap changer, ZVMM oil immersed vacuum on            load tap changer, ZVMD oil immersed vacuum o load tap changer has been researched            and manufacured, which has the proprietary intellectual property rights.
2008:  ZMD on load tap changer with proprietary intellectual propety rights passed the Guizhou            Province New Proudct and Scientific Achievement Identificaion.
2010:  Guizhou Changzheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the Envirionment Management            System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.
2010:  Changzheng Researched and manufactrued ZVV oil immersered vacuum on load tap            changer which has proprietary intellectual property rights.
2010:  ZMD on load tap changer won the third prize of Guizhou Province Scientific and            Technological progress, second prize of Guizhou Province Excellent New Product.
2010:  ZVM oil immersed vacuum on load tap changer which has proprietary intellectual property            rights passed Guizhou Province New Product Identificaion and put into market.

2010:  ZMG on load tap changer passed "Guizhou Province High-Tec Enterprise"
2011:  Changzheng was named "Innovation Enterprise"
2011:  Changzheng was named "Guizhou Province Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" by            Guizhou Province Intellectual Property Office.
2012:  2012, Changzheng researched and manufactured ZVMG, ZVMT on load tap changer            which has proprietary intellectual property right.
2013:  Guizhou Changzheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. moved to Wai Gao Qiao Industrial Park            In Huichuan District of Zunyi City Guizhou Province.
2013:  ZVM oil immersed vacuum on load tap changer won the first prize of ince Science and            Technology Progress
2013:  ZMD series on load tap changer won the second prize of Guizhou Provice science and            Technology Achievement Transmission.
2013:  on load tap changer won the Guizhou Changzheng Province Famous brand award.
2013:  change the model of on load tap changer - added letter "Z" to the before of the            original model.
2014:  Guizhou Changzheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was renamed Guizhou Changzheng            ELectrical Co., Ltd.